Earth Bucket

Send a Gift. Save the Earth.

"Not only did I know it would be well received, but I also felt really great about sending it. I knew it was going to help a great cause." - Karen from Atlanta

The Bucket

The Earth Bucket is the ultimate eco-friendly gift basket. Each Earth Bucket is carefully hand crafted of high quality Maple hard-wood reclaimed from the finest cabinet shops in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. It ships with a full retail pack of 100% certified organic seeds of your choosing, so there will be plenty of seeds left for the next planting. Included, of course, is plenty of wholesome, natural, organic soil. We guarantee no synthetic chemicals have touched your premium ingredients. Best of all, your incredible Earth Bucket will last for years whether used indoors or out. Each lovingly crafted Earth Bucket is bout 8" in diameter and 8" tall.

The Cause

Upon processing your order, a donation is made to your choice of partners to help the environment. We donate a full 50% of all profits to the causes YOU select! Every purchase of an Earth Bucket keeps reclaimed wood out of the land fill, supports carbon-neutral practices, helps organic growers, and contributes to amazing organizations to further help our planet. All packaging is recycled and fully biodegradable.

The Gift

Not only can you feel great about sending an Earth Bucket, but it feels great receiving one. From the moment the lucky recipient opens the box they'll know that not only did you send a unique, thoughtful, and high quality gift, but you care about our planet. They will also love the fact that you know they care as much as you do.

Our Partners

We are honored to work with the following patrons of our Earth:

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